Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Crazy Times!

Melbourne, Mackay, Adelaide - that's the weekend before last, last weekend and this weekend. CRAZY!

Since Di's finished uni (WOOHOO!) and is (relatively) free, we decided that she could accompany me on a couple of short work trips - both lengthened to take in the weekends.

A few of the highlights:

  • Being extras in a Bollywood movie and seeing the star - Sharuhk Khan (our hero, and only the most famous dude in bollywood cinema!). We were asked to return for a smaller shoot on the Tuesday night but they couldn't afford us... (plus it was from 8pm to 4am and I was working both days...)
  • Seeing Daz on Sat night with Markie and Rachel and friends
  • Experiencing Melbourne's coldest November day ever(?). Including a memorable walk in the hail in thongs by Di
  • Kulcha
  • Visiting my university
  • Kylie!! (And friends, and gelati)

  • BELLA! (And Mel...)
  • Paddling in the water and THEN finding the 'beware of crocodiles' sign
  • Uri - our little yellow hire-car
  • Platypus at Eungella
  • Pinnacle Pies
  • Eimeo Pub
That's about it for now... off to Adelaide!