Thursday, June 30, 2005

Badly Grown Garden

Presenting... a feat of engineering, nature and art, created at 9:30pm last Saturday under lights...

'Badly Grown Garden'

Named in honor of 'Badly Drawn Boy', who's soundtrack to 'About a Boy' we were listening to during the garden's creation. If the name turns out to be ironic, then we can always call it 'Bradley Grown Garden' - a fact pointed out by Ben Smede. Thank you Ben. Although the garden IS a joint project and it would be quite unfair to give credit to only one half of the team.

Inhabitants include a chilli bush, some lemongrass, two tomato plants, a rocket plant, thyme, and oregano. Updates on BGG's progress will be published regularly.

In other news...
  • Julie (Di's sis) is coming to visit for 10 days
  • We picked up my Mum and Dad from the airport yesterday, back from a megatour of Canada
  • We ate at Sur Taj on a WEDNESDAY night for the first time in memory. Thanks to a visit from Mark Dingle. Non-Tuesday Sur Taj food is wonderful. As is Tuesday food...
  • 'Downfall' is a depressing war movie. Go see it if you're into that sort of thing. I thank my ancestors for immigrating to Australia before the World Wars!
Happy New Financial Year! (If you're into THAT sort of thing...)

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Satellite Photo of Our Place - Thanks Google!

Google maps have added Satellite photos for lots of the world! Here is out place! I love it! You can't see our new plastic table in the backyard OR our brand new garden.

Like Michael as a long time fan of KeyHole, I was very excited at the release of Google Earth for FREE. Google IS fast becoming an evil empire. Someone has to do it I guess...

Satellite Photo of Our Place

Google maps have added Satellite photos for lots of the world! Here is out place! I love it! You can't see our new plastic table in the backyard OR our brand new garden (named Badly Grown Garden since we were listening to Badly Drawn Boy while constructing it...).

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What's the White Band??

Hey everyone!

Di and I went along with Ben, Sarah and Chey to the launch of the Micah Challenge in Brisbane last night. The Micah Challenge is basically a worldwide Christian organisation getting behind the Millenium Development Goals that all 191 UN Nations have pledged to meet by 2015.

The Micah Challenge, along with the 'Make Poverty History' campaign and events like the Live8 concerts are all trying to raise awareness and put enough pressure on the governments of the world to keep the commitments they've already made to getting rid of poverty. At the moment, most countries are lagging behind their goals. Australia is one of the worst. It's pathetic... they know what needs to be done, it's not going to make a shred of difference to our wealth, but our government is not doing it!

SO - if you could spare a few moments, please

PS Yes, the time is right - this WAS written at 4:54am... I couldn't sleep.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Solo Daisy Hill Ride

Went for a 15km mountain bike ride around Daisy Hill - found some fantastic single track... the red squiggly bit on the right-hand end of the map above. I think my 104kph maximum speed is fairly impressive... ??? (I think tree cover affects GPS quite a bit!)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday afternoon fun in the office... Posted by Hello

Keeping up with the Neulings...

My ride home from work on Wednesday!

I regularly ride my bike to work. Yep, I'm a fit, strapping young lad. Approximately once a month I get my tredley out and organise myself to ride the 16kms to work in the morning and home again at night. Usually it needs some other form of persuasion too - such as a new 'thing' that I buy for my bike. This week it was a $5 LED light I picked up in Hong Kong. Not much - but enough to get me off my lazy butt and ride!

The weird thing is, I really enjoy the actual ride to and from work... I just hate the getting up an hour earlier to get ready, and how I have to be organised enough to have clothes etc ready so I can shower/change at work... pathetic excuse I know!

Anyway, another motivation this week was to log the ride with a GPS unit and download it using Sportsim and MotionBased (both pointed out to me by Mikey) so I can view my ride and play it back and do other sorts of useless, nerdy things with it! WEEHEE I LOVE IT!

Bring on the geek/nerd comments... come on - I dare you! Rate this as more or less nerdy than my Zip Zap post if you wish...

Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'm such a car guy...

My 1967 Shelby GT-500 Zip Zap radio controlled car.

Di's pulling an all-nighter to get her last assignment in tomorrow, so I'm doing some really useful things around the house. Like playing with my Zip Zap

If you don't know what a Zip Zap is, then next time I, or someone you know goes to the USA (or if you live there, next time you go to the mall), buy one from Radioshack! They are the coolest, funnest little radio controlled cars around! You can even get a Herby one now I see!

My project for this evening was to install a 28000RPM 'racing' motor - repalcing the 21500RPM 'performance' motor that came standard. I also installed the 'turbo' performance gear and some extra-wide rear street tyres. The result was a definite increase in speed and grip, but a decrease in Torque. To be expected I guess.

Here ends my Zip Zap report.

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Zip Zap and controller/charger Posted by Hello