Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'm such a car guy...

My 1967 Shelby GT-500 Zip Zap radio controlled car.

Di's pulling an all-nighter to get her last assignment in tomorrow, so I'm doing some really useful things around the house. Like playing with my Zip Zap

If you don't know what a Zip Zap is, then next time I, or someone you know goes to the USA (or if you live there, next time you go to the mall), buy one from Radioshack! They are the coolest, funnest little radio controlled cars around! You can even get a Herby one now I see!

My project for this evening was to install a 28000RPM 'racing' motor - repalcing the 21500RPM 'performance' motor that came standard. I also installed the 'turbo' performance gear and some extra-wide rear street tyres. The result was a definite increase in speed and grip, but a decrease in Torque. To be expected I guess.

Here ends my Zip Zap report.

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