Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Dubai / Abu Dhabi Photos

A few more photos from my work trip... click HERE to go to the album in Picasa Web.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I only blog when I travel...

I still can't say Dubai endears itself to me... It's so spread out that it needs lots of big roads to carry all of the traffic.  To make room for the big roads, the city is quite spread out, which means it needs big roads to link it all up...  you get the picture.

I managed to get up on top of the Hilton - best view of the city I've had so far.  You can see Burj Dubai - tallest building in the world - back there somewhere, and down below in Dubai Creek, the old wooden Dhows which carry freight between here and Iran - they carry everything on their decks from cars to tvs.  Everything the USA doesn't want imported into Iran.

The above is the entree to the Syrian meal I had last night.  That bowl in the middle is Hommous (which I always get mixed up with Tabouli... if any of you can tell me why, that would be great).

Off to Abu Dhabi for the day tomorrow... bye all!