Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Brisbane's Biggest Nerd

I'm going for the "Biggest Nerd in Brisbane" title. My entry consists of a video/position logging system on a mountain bike. Pictures below.

Yes, I get paid for this.

Two Cameras and a GPS on my helmet.(One camera on the front (right), one on the back (left) and GPS on top (the clear thing with the green ziptie). A third camera went on the handlebars.

Andrew (workmate) setting me up. He's holding a Tablet PC that goes in my backpack.

Ready to roll.

VigilView Playback software.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fernvale Canoe Trip

Some guys from Fiona's church organised a 30km canoe trip on the weekend on the upper Brisbane River. Some BEAUTIFUL places along the way... fish jumping and swimming, people capsizing, arms burning... what a fun day!

Corrina, Matt, Bec, Chey

Corrina, post capsizing

Fiona and Mark... again, post-capsizing

Fiona again

Brad the Rowbot

Download the Google Earth file so you can replay our adventure ni the comfort of your own home

Car Wash

Following Erin's good example in a blog post I couldn't find on the spur of the moment... here is my attempt at an arty photo taken while going through the car wash. I felt a little self conscious as the car wash attendant was hanging around and watching the whole thing. Don't know what he thought when flashes started going off in the car.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

FUN - FUN (Guest Blog by Miss Diamond)

Otherwise (more honestly and less-affectionately) known as a FUN - RUN...

For International Women's Day.

You may stop scoffing now. I ran part of it. And it was super-fun. Except for the cold and rain and early wake-up and the waiting around before and after it. The company was great!

Here's some photos of the team, before and after. Although, as Cathy pointed out, no photos of the actual FUN (run).

xxx Di

Friday, March 03, 2006

Combining Beer Brewing and Aquariums...

So if you inject CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) into an aquarium, it makes the plants go better. CO2 is produced when yeast ferments. This happens to be the key process involved in homebrewing beer, which I am a fan of... SO I think I've just found a way of combining two of my favourite activities!