Friday, December 28, 2007


A guy at the Glass Museum in Toledo today explained that the Toledo accent is different than other Americans because they have long 'O's. I guess that comes from saying ToledO and OhiO a lot.

We made glass beads out of glass. I like the kind of art where you get to use a blow torch.

We had a nice Christmas in the old folks home with Grandma and Grandpa and all the other residents. Tomorrow it's off to New Hampshire. We'll be trying to outrun the cold weather that's coming across the country after us. It snowed last night - but just a little bit. Just enough to ease us into it.

Christmas Dinner

Making Glass Beads
Our art. Di, Di, Brad, Di, Di, Brad, Brad, Di, Brad, Di, Brad, Di.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Taipei and Vancouver - Totally Grouse

We're finally off again! Brisbane-Taipei-Vancouver-Toledo-Nashua-NewYork-Toronto-Toledo-Las Vegas-Toledo-Washington DC-Durham-High Point-Toledo-Vancouver-Taipei-Brisbane
Or something like that...

So here's some photos so far. From Taipei and from our few days in Vancouver with Owen and Corrina. Sorry for not rotating the images... but I'm using an Apple, not a computer.

We made a list, and managed to tick off most of it... including snowboarding, ice skating, watching hockey, playing hockey, Cinnamon Buns, Stanley Park, Granville Island, Tim Hortons, Krispy Kremes, Sushi, Mastering Etch a Sketch, Buying warm clothes, 5-pin bowling, Corrina's Mum, Owen's Mum, Corrina's Grandma and watch Degrassi.

Off to Seattle tomorrow for a day, then flying to Toledo for Christmas with Di's Grandparents!

Our Taipei photo

Di in the night markets - Taipei

A really tall thing (and Taipei 101 - tallest building in the world. We went up it!)

Ice Skating

Goalie Di

Brad Gretzky-Schultz