Thursday, June 30, 2005

Badly Grown Garden

Presenting... a feat of engineering, nature and art, created at 9:30pm last Saturday under lights...

'Badly Grown Garden'

Named in honor of 'Badly Drawn Boy', who's soundtrack to 'About a Boy' we were listening to during the garden's creation. If the name turns out to be ironic, then we can always call it 'Bradley Grown Garden' - a fact pointed out by Ben Smede. Thank you Ben. Although the garden IS a joint project and it would be quite unfair to give credit to only one half of the team.

Inhabitants include a chilli bush, some lemongrass, two tomato plants, a rocket plant, thyme, and oregano. Updates on BGG's progress will be published regularly.

In other news...
  • Julie (Di's sis) is coming to visit for 10 days
  • We picked up my Mum and Dad from the airport yesterday, back from a megatour of Canada
  • We ate at Sur Taj on a WEDNESDAY night for the first time in memory. Thanks to a visit from Mark Dingle. Non-Tuesday Sur Taj food is wonderful. As is Tuesday food...
  • 'Downfall' is a depressing war movie. Go see it if you're into that sort of thing. I thank my ancestors for immigrating to Australia before the World Wars!
Happy New Financial Year! (If you're into THAT sort of thing...)

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