Monday, July 04, 2005

We won't make poverty history??

Had an interesting chat with a friend on the weekend... he asked about the Live8 concerts, looked at my Make Poverty History armband and said "You won't, you know." I processed his meaning, then started to explain the goals of the campaign... halving world poverty etc. He went on to explain that if the world was given a clean slate, if everyone had the same wealth and opportunities, then people are still going to rise up and exploit other people who will then end up in poverty. "The Bible says there will always be poverty... etc etc".

I agree - the liklihood of completely erasing all forms of poverty from the world is pretty much nill. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't do anything about it. I'm sure my friend would agree, but implicit in his statements was the extra sentence... "so why bother doing anything at all?".

8 guys in Scotland can make decisions that will change the lives of millions and we should try to influence them to make the right decisions.

I believe there is no worse wrong that we can do, than to have the ability to save someone's life, but not to do it. I'm guilty of it...

PS The whole G8 summit has changed with the bombings in London I guess...
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