Monday, November 15, 2004

Who is the intended audience here?

I think I have avoided blogging so far because I find it weird wondering who is reading this. At the moment, noone will be reading this because I haven't really told anyone I have a blogg. But as soon as I link it to my website, it could be read by friends, family work associates, mortal enemies.... ANYONE! Thinking about that makes me realise how much I filter what I say / opinions I express depending on the audience at the time. Is that bad?

I'm not talking about whether I could swear or not... that's not something I really do anyway. But things like expressing political/cultural opinions... I guess if I have opinions that someone I know may find troubling / insulting, then it may actually be a good idea to get them out there. I just hope that if I did write anything here that troubles someone, they would be willing to discuss it with me!

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