Thursday, February 17, 2005

Culture Shock!!!

Dropped Breezo ( at the airport for his year away. He was off to Turkey first - a little scared about the culture shock waiting for him. Healthily scared I would say. If you're not expecting it, it hits you hard I reckon.

Ben came Bollywood dancing with us the night before his departure and at the airport said "I'm a bit worried about the culture shock in Istanbul... I mean, I got culture shock just byu going to your Bollywood dancing class!"

He'll be great.

Made me start thinking about Di and my first time tavelling... to Nepal. I've got all these travel journals from our trips, I need to start collating some of our experiences a little. Maybe I'll post some exerpts here!

There's something about Asia / third world countries that scares a lot of Aussies. I don't know what it is... simply scared to get out of their comfort zone probably, but so many people think that there is no reason to go to a 'dirty' place. Something about that offends me.
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