Thursday, September 08, 2005

Team Diana

Continuing the noble tradition of naming our trivia team after absent members, Team Diana did record breakingly well this evening. The major contributing factors, from team members were:
  • Sarah - as usual, answering the majority of the questions
  • Ben - for clarifying with Bomber that our 'double score round' was round 2, in which we scored a healthy 9/10
  • Erin - for achieving 10/10 on the character/movie matching round
  • Brad - for spinning the wheel and thus doubling the score of our previous (8/10) round
All this left us with a score of 68 - putting us in THIRD POSITION OVERALL!!!
Yes - there were more than 3 teams there. About 9 teams as a matter of fact.

Meanwhile... how can I rant about such trifles when the US government is trying to water down the Millenium Development Goals at next weeks UN Summit on Human Development: ABC News Item This is SERIOUS and could effectively mean the needless deaths of thousands/millions of people.

Finally, included is a photo taken by Loz on our camera at MxPx on Sunday night. I was there - up the back with Justin, Cathy and Andyroo. Mike, Tom and Yuri still rock, I must say.

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