Saturday, October 01, 2005

Night of Nights

It's over... or maybe not...

We had our last Sur Taj supper - and it was a biggie. We even had entrees. A rarety, since the size of Sur Taj meals makes entrees an over-indulgence.

The damage done:

Us with our heroes:
This sign won't actually be changing we don't think. But thought it was worth taking the photo on such an occasion:

Jo and Mikey (from Canberra) were there too - taking the above photos. I'm sure there'll be more pictures of them over the weekend...

I'll be sure to report back with our experiences once the handover of Sur Taj to Benny has taken place. Benny and his wife and 2 kids are from Kerala, South India. Nazeem and family were from North India. Benny's keeping the same menu initially, but it may develop over time.

I sort of feel like when Adam and Wil finished at the Js.
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