Thursday, January 12, 2006

Main Building at 'AT Projects'

On Tuesday Di and I visited 'AT Projects'

, an NGO located half an hour up a

rough 4WD track from Goroka. It's absolutely beautiful up there. The

'AT' stands for 'Appropriate Technology', meaning development projects

that are really thought out properly so that they are appropriate for

the people using them. 'Technology' here is anything from plastic

bucket showers and toilets for AIDS sufferers, to solar power. It is

just brilliant what Steve and Miriam and their team are doing. They

totally take into account all aspects of problems faced by locals and

come up with appropriate solutions in partnership with the people.

Di's going to be volunteering there for the next couple of weeks,

helping finalise the materials for a 4 week course they are starting to

run in Febuary. It introduces the concept of 'Development' and teaches

people how to start it in their village and how to get assistance and

support to do it.
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