Wednesday, February 07, 2007

San Francisco!

Spent the last few days in San Francisco on a last minute work trip. Sort of nice, sort of weird (since there were things I felt I should have been home for...)

San Fran is definitely one of those cities you feel like you know - even though you didn't realise it. The Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz, the car-chasing steep streets, the cable cars... I only had a had little video camera with, so photos are only of mobile phone quality...

Worked with some bus guys for a few days with our technology. They took me out for seafood at the wharf at a place that was VERY San Franciscan. They love their city and their history. It was nice to hang out with them! To top the evening off, we saw the Queen Mary II - largest ocean liner in the world exit the harbour.

Ooh - I saw the latest Gilmore Girls LIVE on the WB too!

(Sort of cool how this photo of Alcatraz came up more like a painting)
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