Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heavy Machinery, Hotels and a Weak Share Price that Doesn't Matter to Me

This post starts with the following sign that appeared a few weeks ago, across the road from us, sending us into frenzies of excitement... Our very own new Coles supermarket, looking ready to open for MONTHS was finally opening!!

As many of you know, we have experienced much pain in Gibbon street with the construction of the development across the road. So to finally gain some benefit out of it, even if it IS just a Coles, is appreciated.

So 8am on Monday the 24th, we were there - part of the mob of around 30 odd people who wanted to see the doors open at a Coles for the first time. We got in, bought our clothes pegs and cookie dough, claimed our free rose, then got out. Sort of surreal to see this supermarket with NOTHING missing from the shelves...

Unbeknownst to us, we were putting our lives in serious danger by even entering the store! When dropping in later in the day to by some more things, we were informed about THIS little news story.

Meanwhile, next door, work on the North South Bypass Tunnel has continued, being a major disruption to our otherwise idyllic lives. Last week was particularly painful, with work going on until midnight every night and starting at 6am the next morning. After a few late night phonecalls to their 'hotline' to complain, they came through with the goods - putting us up in hotels for the next two weeks while they complete their night works!

See the view from our new pad below.

Unfortunately the hotel's TV isn't as big as the one I had in my room in Sydney when I was there overnight for work this week...

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