Thursday, January 03, 2008

525,600 Minutes

I just couldn't resist a quick post tonight... because we're in New York City, and I had forgotton what an amazing place this is.

We drove about 4 hours from Nashua, New Hampshire where we've been loving staying with our friends Ambrish and Shruti. On the way down, we stopped at Hartford, and then Yale University in New Haven on the way to have a few Gilmore moments. Pretty impressive campus actually, and right on the edge of the hood in New Haven.

The approach to New York City from the North East was overwhelmingly urban - it's unbeleiveable how big this place is. We arrived in the city at about 5pm - when the streets were full of people leaving work, and it was COLD. So after giving the rent-a-car and the keys to a parking garage a la Ferris Bueller, we went for a walk to Times Square - only a few blocks away. Managed to pick up some cheap tickets to 'Rent' the broadway musical, so that was our evening planned. It was sort of cool seeing Rent in New York City, WHERE it is set, in Winter at Christmas/New Years - WHEN it is set. Just got back to the hotel, after a nice walk back from the theater in -8 Degrees C.

Smelling the books in Yale Library

Apparently touching the foot of this guy is good luck for exams


Brad in the "most beautiful place on earth if you don't read English" (Is that a Mark Twain quote?)

The theatre we saw 'Rent' at. Obvious really.
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