Friday, September 17, 2010


I finally went for an afternoon mountain bike ride the other day. A nice little 45 minute loop door to door and it was glorious! Out the door, along a relatively flat dirt road, up a steep rough road to the Kali temple (where we walk to in the mornings - up 713 steps, or 'the thousand steps' as it's optimistically known here), down the other side, where the road becomes just a walking track and I descended a few hundred metres in altitude past houses, farms with people working in the fields and ladies carrying huge loads on their backs, everyone giving me a happy 'Namaste' as I rode past. After reaching the bottom, the road back was relatively new and cut into the side of the hill - quite spectacular and thankfully it meant I didn't have to ride back over the top. I can handle doing that loop a few times every week!!

Afternoon Ride Bhatti Dandar at EveryTrail
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