Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Some RC Plane Fun

I recently got around to fulfilling a childhood dream of learning to fly a radio controlled plane.  I'd always wanted to have some fun with it, but was turned off by the expense, and the ratio of the time required to build the plane vs the instant it would take to destroy it on its maiden flight.  Through a work colleague I became aware of how cheap the bits were for electric planes these days and how the foam aircraft are nearly indestructible.  So, less than $200 later, I had all the bits and I was up in the air with my Bixler.  Briefly.  Then after fixing a few things I was up in the air again.  Briefly again.  Now however, I have the hang of it and last weekend I sent my old Nexus One phone up in the plane so I could enjoy the view.

So here is some of the fun...

Flight #1.  I hit a tree.
Flight #2.  I hit a tree.
The Nexus One setup:
I usually take R with me on an early Sunday morning.  He brings his medieval party tent along.

Some still shots from my Nexus One: 

Finally, video from my Nexus One (it gets more stable at about 3:29 when I cut the engine):
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