Thursday, March 10, 2005

Boring Ramble

First of all - I've got photos from Jo and Mikey's wedding in Adelaide at our homepage
I don't think I've ever done a boring ramble about my day blog... so here goes!

Woke up at 6:30 when TripleJ sprung into life on our clock radio. So I got up then, washed up from dinner (Di made what WAS going to be a Vege Lasagne, but turned into a cheese sauce broccoli thing that was YUMMY.). Had breaky, fed the fishies (we had a neon die yesterday, and our Angelfish aren't looking the best - I think Sword and Dagger, our new shark fish are picking on them.)

Drove to work with Jay and the Doctor. I enjoy our 15 minutes alone together each morning. They are getting better I reckon - no Adam and Wil, but a worthy replacement. Didn't get to hear whether anyone called from North Queensland where Cyclone Ingrid was crossing the coast.

At work, Steve was off to the USA to do our biggest delivery of STUFF yet. He dropped in to pick up some things, then left. Ian, our CEO was just back from a 2.5 week trip to USA/Singapore so there was a bit of catching up there... then it was business as usual - sitting at my desk responding to interruptions, researching new technologies, working on what priorities are... chatted to Bede - guy who used to work for us who had just arrived in Seattle where he is starting work for Bill at Microsoft. Also said hi to Owen in Vancouver for the first time in a while...

After lunch we had a 'million dollar meeting' - a meeting with a rep from the government who is helping us get a big R&D grant. So that was sort of interesting.

Ended the day playing with bluetooth and a business card scanner... and watching our crazy CEO run around the office Skyping with his bluetooth headset...

Came home to find Di and Loz on the couch watching Bride & Predjudice - it was up to the 'No Life without Wife' song... definitely the low point of the movie. Well, A low point anyway...

So that's about it - a seemingly boring day in the life of Brad, but one that I found not disagreeable.
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