Sunday, April 09, 2006


Di and I drove the 700km down to Coonabarabran this weekend for the wedding of Lizzie and Doug. Lizzie was a student at Googa when Di worked there, and ended up at uni with Di for the last few years.

The wedding was at Doug's parents place, in the Warrumbungle Ranges - just outside of Coona. His Dad, John is an astronomer so had some very fun toys on their block of land...

I didn't know anyone else going to the wedding. Di knew a couple of girls who had also been to Googa. We had an absolutely fantastic time - getting to know some great people, dancing to Cat Empire and doing the usual fun wedding stuff!

Doug's parent's house is made of mud brick and feels like something out of Lord of the Rings. He has a couple of observatories - one is a completely automated, computer controlled telescope, accessed remotely by Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania, USA. When it is day time classes in the USA, students can see the Australian night sky.

Inside the observatory accessed remotely by American college students. Yes - real NASA stuff!

The front door of the beautiful hobbit house. We were being shown around by none other than beautiful Lizzie the bride!

Di, exiting the observatory after viewing Saturn and it's rings, Jupiter and it's moons, the Earth's moon and a globular cluster of a million or so stars. Fun!!!

This is the BIG telescope at Siding Spring Observatory, where Doug's Dad, John works.

The Warrumbungles - viewed from the observatory.
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