Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Bouganville Modem

Hey all!
I've finally managed to track down an Internet cafe at this minesite on a remote corner of Sumbawa. Having a good week work-wise. Trialling our driver training system in various vehicles on the mine. Had a tour of the open-cut goldmine pit. Pretty mind-boggling. I'm not really sure what photos I could post that wouldn't be corporately sensitive, so I'll try to post a few from the beach near the minesite. Lots of the contractors/consultants stay at the resort on the beach. I was booked in there, but things didn't work out. Would have been fantastic if they did. It's storybook beautiful down there.

Just uploaded the above photo. Took too long so I'm not gonna do any others! Will post a bunch more when I get back on Sunday morning. You can't see it in the photo, but there are some MAMMOTH waves at the beach behind me. Sometimes the water just seems to explode. (PS I had to hitch a ride here, then run the 5 or 6km back to my residence, avoiding the rabies-ridden monkeys on the way.)

Seeya! B.

PS The Bouganville Modem comment is in relation to the speed of this internet cafe. This posting could very well be being tapped out to the outside world by morse code... well it seems like it anyway.
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