Thursday, May 19, 2005

11:33pm, Hong Kong

Just thought I'd record a little of my day... but I need sleep. This was to be an early night! However Hong Kong is not an 'early night' city...

Had a successful day trialing 'VigilVanguard' on Hong Kong buses. This was in Sha Tin - a part of Hong Kong I had never been. It's quite new, and dramatic. A city nestled in between two green, overgrown mountain ranges. The double decker buses here are great fun!

Made it back to the hotel around 5:00 for a breather, then Ian and I headed off to the Star Ferry across the harbour. Hong Kong is definitely one of the most dramatic cities in the world as far as pure visual stimulation goes. Walked for a while to an area that seemed to have lots of restaurants. Amongst the seedy bars, we found a fantastic pure veg Indian restaurant, complete with bollywood film clips playing. Almost felt like sitting Sur Taj in the Gabba!

Then on the MTR (subway trains) to Mong Kok in search of some technology... (and possibly a soldering iron and stuff for some work. Mong Kok is a great area, ALIVE at night with thousands of shops, shoppers and markets. After a few wrong attempts at getting our bearings (I love appearing out of the subterranean city, completley disoriented and trying to find your way... didn't even have GPS to help me...) we found the Mong Kok computer market and picked up some remarkably well priced software, as well as a few other bits and pieces that no one except for fellow nerds will be interested in.

Heading back to the MTR, we were looking for somewhere to have a beer when the heavans opened. After sheltering and watching with many other similarly stranded people for a while, we dashed across the road to buy an umbrella from an umbrella store that had miraculously appeared. Picked up a few beers from a 7/11 on the way home and consumed them on the top floor of the hotel as the tropical storm continued outside... as it still continues against my window.

This is a great city!
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