Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Weird Hotel Room

Hey World!
Thought I might put down a few jottings since I'm off on a work trip again... this time it's a crazy week in Singapore and Hong Kong.
Started out fantastically. I'm travelling with my boss, Ian, a Gold frequent flyer, so we hung out in the 'Gold Lounge' before boarding. Love the free food and drink and WiFi. Prior to that, I had an interesting moment checking in... we are flying with Singapore Airlines, the best airline I have ever flown with. While checking in Ian made a few comments about how good Singapore were, and I mentioned that a bad flight with Singapore Airlines was still better than a good flight with Qantas. After completing the statement I realised that the lady checking us in actually worked for Qantas. I laughed sportingly and she took it very well. I'm sure I wasn't the MOST annoying customer of the day...
The flight was only about 30% full, which means, if you do your maths that we got 3 1/3 times the service that people on a full flight get. A nice little addition to our day!
However I now have bad hayfever which is a barrel of laughs while trying to act professional... hope it's gone tomorrow!

PS Please enjoy the picture of me in the bathroom looking through the window to my bedroom. Yes, there was a blind that could be pulled down during showering for non-exhibitionists.
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